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Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

An Analysis

Everything has its pros and cons. Even water, that magical, calorie-free drink, has its downsides. It is no different with epoxy floor coatings, but still, epoxy coating is an awesome idea and a great investment. Why, you asked? Well...

1) It looks great! So smooth, so shiny, so chic!

2) It is affordable. So really, there is no need to drag your feet.

3) It is easy to clean/dirt-resistant. Your days of groaning over garage cleaning are over! Nothing sticks to it, not oil, not grease, not gum, not gasoline... it's like water off a duck's back.

4) It is resistant to germs and bacteria. Your children are safe.


5) It is durable. Long lasting!


6) It is protective... of the floor underneath it. Saves you a lot of trouble (and money), not fixing that floor under the floor.

7) It is nearly-eternal. Well, if you don't have to replace a floor for up to 20 years, that is almost an eternity.

8) It has variety. Colors. Patterns. Style. It's got it all.

9) It can withstand heavy loads. Just place them gently, don't drop them too often.

Few Drawbacks:

Though it has all these good things going for it, epoxy floor coating still has disadvantages, like its slipperiness (which you can overcome by adding the non-skid granules when applying coat), and the intensive prep time before and during application (that cannot be escaped). Still, the pros outweigh the cons. So what are you waiting for? You, and most importantly, your garage floor epoxy coating reviews, deserve this! Discussion: Grout, a mixture of sand, water and cement which keeps tiles together, it’s very difficult to keep clean it. The tiles are intended to last for many years but grout lines picks up dirt and stain very easily and before you notice it turned white to black. It looks bad on shower and the tub areas and it can lead to health issues. So, learn how to clean grout so it’s shining white again and you don’t have to clean it often.

Applying Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide: Before you applying this method you have to do a cleanup once with any cleaner. For floors, sweep and mope with water. For shower or kitchen, use spray and wipe them down. Take a bowl and mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste. The amount of paste and ingredients depends on your floors/bathroom and thickness you enjoy to work with. Use a toothbrush or you can use your finger to apply the paste on your grout. Start with 1-2 square feet area. Keep the paste fully covered the grout and keep them set for 5-10 minutes. Now time for scrubbing, use a small toothbrush for scrubbing the grout. Apply pressure into a small area to lift of the stains. If the grout looks dirty after scrub, apply more paste on the area, set them for few minutes and scrub again. Continue the whole process. Ensure your grout cleaned up and work slowly. Use a spray and mop your tiles.

The garage. That important, understated part of the house. The unofficial storage room. The shed of the amateur mechanic. The room where old clothes go to die (till that long-planned 'garage' sale). That place where cars and bikes are parked. Garages serve us well, in many ways, but with constant use comes inevitable wear and tear. The garage floors bear the brunt of all sorts of activity, whether it's in a family house or an office complex. Eventually it becomes necessary to seal cracks and repaint, (sometimes even re-floor!) the garage floors to ensure safety and keep up appearances. Doing all of that every few months can be expensive and pretty tiring. So why not show those garage floors a little TLC and spring for an epoxy coating! What, never heard of it? Already have one? Not sure you ought to get it? No worries, my pretties, you have all come to the right place. Please, read on.

The thickness of epoxy is determined by the solids content, which is expressed in percentages. As such, a 100%-solids epoxy is harder to work with than, say, a 50%-solids epoxy, due to more thickness (or viscosity).  Many epoxy kits available have around 40%-60% solids, and these are pretty cheap.